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Design for the Human Experience

"Good design supports us in our daily lives.  Great design surprises, delights and uplifts the human spirit.  It has the power to shape and transform our experience of ourselves and the world." 

Michelle Rouffer






Curious · Creative · Canadian

Global Design|Creative Director · Architect

Professional Cloud Surfer · Writer of Hand Written Notes

Michelle views the world through the lens of curiosity and brings ideas to life through storytelling. She believes that while good design supports us in our daily lives, great design surprises, delights and uplifts the human spirit. It has the power to shape and transform our experience of ourselves and the world.

Coupled with her diverse background and international experience over the past two decades, she leads the global engagement, design execution and integrated project delivery for world class built environments and branded experiences that are scalable, functional, thoughtful and beautifully designed.

As an award-winning Global Design Director and Architectural Design|Management Executive, she has held leadership positions with Fortune 100|500 companies such as Nike and world renowned Architecture firms including SOM, HOK and Rafael Vinoly. Michelle sits squarely at the intersection of design, strategy, technology and construction overseeing globally distributed creative teams within the disciplines of architecture, interiors, brand, art direction and digital|UX.

She is an authentically engaging thought leader and charismatic communicator whose razor sharp wit enables an ease in leading and influencing stakeholders at all levels, positioning design as an integral part of real estate platforms that underpin collaboration, productivity and brand promotion. Purpose-led and people-centric her teams are empowered, engaged and unparalleled in performance resulting in growth and profit.

Michelle’s multi-ethnic heritage and deep dedication of more than two decades of personal practice as a meditation, mindfulness|compassion and movement teacher directly informs how she champions diversity and cultivates an inclusive global approach in building teams and uplifting communities to fuel global growth.

She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, School of Architecture.



Michelle Rouffer

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